Body Systems
Body System
Potential Effects
Connective Tissue (Fascia)
Ligaments, Tendons, Fascia
Improve pliability of fascia
Separate tissues
Circulatory System
Blood Vessels
Increase local circulation
Enhance venous system
Reduce blood pressure & heart rate with regular relaxation massage
Digestive System
Food digestion & excretion of residue
Movement of contents in large intestines Better digestion
Endocrine System
Glands which secrete hormones Release of endorphins
(hidden pain)
Immune System
Organs concerned with body defense (fighting bacteria, infections, etc) Increase lymphatic flow
Improve immune functions via stress reduction
Integumentary System
Skin Stimulate sensory receptors in skin
Increase superficial circulation
Remove dead skin
Add moisture with oil or lotion
Increase sebaceous glad excretions
Lymphatic System
Vessels recovering and returning them to the heart Improve lymphatic flow & drainage
Muscular System
Skeletal muscles which move the skeleton “Milk” metabolic wastes into venous & lymph flow
Relax muscles (general and specific)
Relieve myofascial trigger points
Nervous System
Impulse-generating/ conducting tissue Stimulate parasympathetic (relaxation)
Reduce pain
Increase body awareness
Respiratory System
Respiration (breathing) Help open up chest, breathing
Skeletal System
Skeleton of bones Increased joint mobility and flexibility